Golf Course

Avalon Golf Course is a challenging yet relaxing 9 hole golf course that is a fun test for both the beginner and experienced golfer alike. Located on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney it is a must play for any golfer visiting the area. With access to beautiful beaches and wonderful local attractions, why not make a day of it by playing a quick 9 then experiencing all the peninsula has to offer. For locals its the ideal place to get in a quick, relaxed 9 holes with family and friends.

Unlike many local courses visitors are welcome all day 7 days a week.

The golf course is a test for all skill levels allowing the new golfer room to enjoy the game with out being to penalising while at the same time offering the experienced golfer a wonderful challenge requiring accurate tee shots and a deft wedge game.

Hole 1 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole One

PAR 3 - 121 metres

The first hole is welcoming par 3 that requires a short to mid iron off the tee. Aim to the left allowing the ball to work down towards the green.

Hole 2 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Two

PAR 4 - 334 metres

The signature hole at Avalon Golf Course presents itself with a wonderful tee shot through a narrow shoot of trees. It is best to favour the right side of the fairway as there is a severe slope from right to left. Once this challenge is navigated you are left with a short or mid iron to a flat green

Hole 3 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Three

PAR 3 - 98 metres

This short par 3 is the first of a triplet of great uphill par 3 holes in a row all presenting there own unique challenge. Only requiring a short iron or a wedge over water the key to this hole is being on the right position on the green. With a two tiered green, being on the wrong level can make a 2 putt difficult. 

Hole 4 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Four

PAR 3 - 128 metres

Playing uphill, this par 3 is always a club or more longer than anticipated. Playing anywhere from a short iron to a wood depending on the wind, be sure and hit enough club to carry the two green side bunkers

Hole 5 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Five

PAR 3 - 96 metres

Although a short hole, any shot failing to make the green will role 30 metres back towards the tee from the slope. Club selection is paramount so heed any lessons learned from the last hole.

Hole 6 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Six

PAR 4 - 242 metres

Tricky par 4 that tempts the golfer to hit driver but beware any driver shot missing the fairway will pay big penalties. Smart play is an iron off the tee leaving a short iron to the green.

Hole 7 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Seven

PAR 4 - 285 metres

This hole begins with a great elevated tee shot to a fairway that slopes left to right. Golfer get lots of help from the downhill fairway, so aim a little left and let the fairway do its job. The 2nd shot is a tough one to a green that rolls severely from front to back.

Hole 8 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Eight

PAR 5 - 359 metres

Although this par 5 looks short on paper it is deceptively long. Playing straight up the hill the real challenge begins with the second or third shot as the green is a small one tucked behind trees. Play safe to left leaving yourself a much better chance at par.

Hole 9 - Avalon Golf Course

Hole Nine

PAR 3 - 128 meters

A very generous finishing hole that allows the golfer to get plenty of help from the slopes. Be sure and land the ball to the right allowing the ball to roll down onto a small green.